Along the Congo River, we have more than 30 preaching points and organized churches.  There are no other means of transportation to reach these areas.  No vehicles or motorcycles, just boats flowing on the river. Our goal this month was Continue reading


We stood before a tree.  The base was both stained and marred.  The man before me who told the story spoke in a sullen tone with lifeless expression.  Above his eyes in the center of his forehead there were Continue reading

Speaking to the Heart

Dropping down through the clouds, the sun shimmered off the surface of the deep blue lake.  The shoreline served as a tan border to the picturesque scene as it faded into the bright green lush forest rising into the hills Continue reading

Authentic Evangelism

Written By: Tim Eby

We have this great glad message of good news for the world, and yet we struggle to win people into the Kingdom of God. Why does it seem so hard to pass on the good news Continue reading

Authentic Worship

Written By: Michelle Eby

The laughter of a child lights up the house. ~ Swahili proverb

We talk a lot about worship, but what does it mean to authentically worship our Lord and Savior? Scripture talks a lot about worshiping the Continue reading

Give to the King of Kings

Did you know that in the temple there was never made a chair?  The priestly duty was never done; Always a need to make sacrifices for the sins of the people. But when Jesus had paid the price on the Continue reading

I stepped across the puddles and perched myself on the curb hoping for bus ride. Van after van passed by with a young guy hanging out the door shouting the destination. I told the young guy at the stand I Continue reading

The tall young man stood to tell his story. “In my country many do not know the story of Christ” he began. “I had a hard time getting anyone to accept my message until last year when we began the Continue reading





On-behalf of the Lagos district advisory board, we just want to express our deepest appreciation to Springdale Church of the Nazarene and her mission council for providing Lagos Nazarene School with a bus.

It was five Continue reading