Change of Plan but Jesus Film Team impacts New Villages in Malawi


Hear the good news reported by our visionary Jesus Film Country Coordinator Rev. Gershom Kwerakwera as he trains and mentors one of the teams under his care in the Malawi Lakeshore District.  Development of the church is not easy but as on going training and leaders are developed, the church continues to grow.  Sometimes circumstances and being sensitive to cultural practices requires teams to be flexible.  This team had to change plans because of a death in the village, but as we see God opened a new door for another village and many lives were won for Christ.  Here is the report of that trip from our country coordinator in Malawi:.

I had a wonderful time at MW003 Team where I visited several places which our team planted churches and during the night we showed Jesus Film and won lives to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I had a good time of coaching the district superintendent, team leader and members of the team

The initial plan was to go to Ntchisi district and plant a new church while I was already on my way to the district; I heard a phone call from the team member Brother Sandifolo Chimkwapulo that the place where we planned to go and conduct our Jesus Film ministry lost one of the member and culturally, it is abomination to conduct such activity while some are mourning their loved ones and he requested me to turn while I was at a distance of 36 Kms and I was already covered more that 200 kms and I told him that I could not turn back but to go ahead and find the best way of how we could continue with our program although the previous venue was postponed due to the problem which has been mentioned then I met with the District Superintendent, team leader and other female member who accepted my request to find another place where we went to conduct Jesus shows at Chikaoneka and Tsomwa villages, where we ministered to many people who responded very positively to our preaching and alter call.

I had also good time of coaching them the best way of reaching the Moslems and Nyau cults with the gospel of our Lord Jesus. These two groups are dominant in these areas and they preach negative messages about Christianity and they discourage their members not to attend any function conducted by the Christians but we thank God that Jesus Film is undeniable tool that is a crowd puller which is helping them to invite these people who are controlled by their faiths, so I asked them to be friendly to both groups so that they can win them easily to Christ and also make sure that they avoid preaching anything that will humiliate the prophet Muhammad  and Nyau so that they will able to come closer and receive Christ, I also encouraged them to study had about Islam and Nyau so that they can understand their base and see how they can preach the true gospel to them.

At the end of this expedition; the DS, Team leader and members were very happy for they learn other new things which didn’t knew that will help them in church planting exercises. The team needs new equipment (Bag pack) and motorcycle is completely shabby.   

Lastly, I appreciate for supporting me with finances so that I can able to reach this team and next month will be at MW002; please pray for me as I continue travelling to meet the team in this nation.

God bless you

Gershom Kwerakwera

Jesus Film Ministry