Impact of Alabaster in Liberia

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Zambia Motorcycles Gives Wheels

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Nazarene Boat Ministry in Maniema District

Along the Congo River, we have more than 30 preaching points and organized churches.  There are no other means of transportation to reach these areas.  No vehicles or motorcycles, just boats flowing on the river. Our goal this month was to go for the maiden voyage of  our new Nazarene Boat Ministry. 

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Finding the Way – New Life in Benin

We stood before a tree.  The base was both stained and marred.  The man before me who told the story spoke in a sullen tone with lifeless expression.  Above his eyes in the center of his forehead there were two distinct self-inflicted scars to look like fangs.  On each cheek was the same dark sign that he was among the worshippers of the Python.

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Looking back to the Eby Heritage in Missions

Join me in an adventure, will you? Let’s visit the Wahgi Valley in the
highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG), where the Church of the
Nazarene established mission work in 1956. The first missionaries,
Sidney and Wanda Knox, carved out a mission station at Kudjip with
the purpose of bringing the message of hope and salvation to the
thousands of people living in the valley. In succeeding years, several
additional missionaries arrived to support the missional outreach,
among them Lee and Carol Anne Eby in 1963.

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Tim and Michelle Eby serve as career missionaries with the Church of the Nazarene in Africa. Tim has been working in leadership development and church growth in the country of Senegal and across the Africa West Field. Michelle served as the treasurer for the field and supports local ministry. They have been newly assigned to the Africa Regional office in Johannesburg, South Africa where Tim will serve as the regional coordinator for the Jesus Film and Michelle will serve as the personnel coordinator for all the missionaries serving across the continent of Africa. Pray for them as they support the national leadership, encourage other missionaries, coordinate partnerships, coordinate work and witness teams, and encourage church growth across the Africa region through the ministry of the Jesus Film.


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