Zone Center Church Under construction by Faith

Zone Center Church Under construction by Faith

Dear Rev.Cole

I greet you in the precious name of our Soon Coming King Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I am delighted to inform you and the AWF team that the College view Church of the Nazarene has embarked on a construction of a worship place and parsonage and guest house. The building is about 68ft by 32ft, with a guest house on a flat above the storage. The project is a self help initiative of the College view Church of the Nazarene, with full support of its cluster churches.

Sanniquellie, the capital city of Nimba, which is the seat of the Liberia Central District, has no church building. All of its eight churches, making the Sanniquellie Zone, has house churches. The building is mostly likely a Zone center, to meet the conference needs of its congregation, the churches in the Zone, and also serve as a storage for the work of the district center. Works have begun already on a one lot purchased by the church: Concrete blocks, steel rods, sand, have been gathered, and in fact foundation work is ongoing. The plan is to erect 16 pillows, and cast for roofing, and then, we will lay the bricks of the wall, while the building is in use.

We are praying for the sum of USD 1500, to take care of the iron sheets. We are working hard to raise the amount of $8500 USD, as the total budget for the project is 10,000USD$.

Please keep us in prayers, and we will appreciate your assistance in any form.

Together with Him, we will prevail and overcome,

In Him,