Work and Witness Opportunities [OLD]

Work and Witness Opportunities

“Work and witness is an opportunity for churches and individuals to spread the gospel through hands on engagement with another community on the continent of Africa. We would love to discuss opportunities on how to partner with a church in another part of the world. Through mission involvement, many churches and individuals have discovered a deep desire to form a relationship in missions. Sometimes this begins with a Work & Witness trip or by getting to know a missionary. Many are wanting to do more than just give an offering or pray for people they have never met. They also want to get to know the story of the people, understand how God is at work in their context, and learn how to partner with them. Entering into this type of relationship is complex, especially if it involves crossing cultures. We are looking to resource churches, districts, and individuals who believe God has called them to commit to a long-term relationship with God’s people in another area of the world. It helps to identify your church’s passions and experience in order to connect your church with another church, district or field in a mutual vision. We hope that your involvement in a trip and further discovery of God’s mission in some location in Africa will not only inspire the people going on these trips, but will engage your entire congregation in a long term relationship with another community of believers on the other side of the world. We have opportunities on seven different fields in Africa Below you can click on the projects listed for Africa and discover ministry opportunities in many countries across Africa. We hope that you will give us the chance to connect you with a need that will move forward the vision and dreams of our leaders here in Africa and begin a relationship with another culture of believers in Christ that will continue on to eternity. Please write to Tim Eby at if you find any projects you are interested in or if you would like to establish a strategic partnership to complete a project that will expand the kingdom for years to come.”