Southeast Liberia in a town called Beazon

Southeastern Part of Liberia in a Town called Beazon

By Queen Grant

Mr. Glaplay who having to be a hunter of Beazon, has not known and had been wondering about Christ, Mr. Glaplay believe that there is no Christ, one day while he was on his way for hunting, he decided walking along the road, in the process cross the road, he was involved in an accident broken two of his legs, after the accident, the motorcyclist absconded and left him on the road where the accident occurred at 7;30 PM, after staying longer time in his blood, two vehicles came from opposite direction, one pick him at the hospital, the Doctor pronounce him to be amputated, in the process of calling his family and care taker, Rev Grant went, a pastor of the Church of Nazarene went for evening visit at the Hospital, Mr. Glaplay’s wife met him and cried saying the doctor is about to cut my husband’s legs, can you please go speak to our Lord to heal my husband? Quickly Rev. Grant went in, asked that those nurses give couples of minutes for prayers for this accident man, he went and asked Mr. Glaplay, ‘can I pray for you? Mr. Glaplay answer yes’’ Rev. Grant asked him do you believe that there is a living God? Mr. Glaplay told him that I don’t really believe my entire life that there existence any God but at this point if your God can safe me, I am willing to surrender my entire family to him. Rev. Grant prayed for forty five minutes, while praying the man feed his legs shuddering, Mr. Glaplay asked Rev. Grant that he was feeling his legs. Mr. Glaplay asked Rev. Grant to go along with him to his Town (Beazon) to plant Church of the Nazarene so his entire family can believe that there is a living God. Jesus Film team has gone to the Town and he openly invited the entire town to believe that there is a living God, the God of Rev. Grant who save his legs is a living and caring father to trust, his entire family joined him and praised our God.