Sierra Leone District Center [OLD]

Sierra Leone District Center


Center Location:
Free Town, Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone District bought property in 2008, and built a compound security wall and a
cottage. The cottage will provide housing for missionary/teacher use during our one-week
intensive Theological Education classes, as well as for Work & Witness teams. The building
serves as a classroom for theological education, as well as for other events of training our
pastors and emerging leaders. The new development is the training center, which will house
two nice sized classrooms/dormitory rooms, an office, kitchen, library, and restroom facilities.

Phase I Completion of a worship center and additional dormitory rooms will allow for
expansion and offer a place for district assemblies and extra housing on the center. This
project is now underway with a foundation and the walls being built with local contractors
and church members involved.  We will need an additional $15,000 and another team to
complete this building.

Phase II Completion of the main training center will need three teams and $45,000 to
complete it including tiles, painting, electrical and plumbing, and classroom furniture and supplies.

The completion of the worship center will be a priority and we ask each team to bring $15,000
for the project and to get involved with encouraging and working along side our national leaders.

For more information please contact Jeremy Height in the Africa West Field office
at: or Tim Eby at the Africa Regional Office
at or Rev. Vidal Cole at: