Senegal District Center – Dakar [OLD]

Senegal District Center – Dakar


Center Location:
Dakar, Senegal

The Baobab church of the Nazarene has been developing on this property over the last 10 years.
Our center has multiple levels in an apartment building type community. The first level is now a
children’s area and will eventually develop into a day school for the church. The second level has
our recording studio and the youth gathering area and functions as the fellowship hall for the church.

The third level will be developed into dormitory style housing along with a Pastor’s apartment. This
will house students for training, offer rooms for rent as a guest house to those interested in using
the facility for conferences, and also hold the district offices. The final level will be a full sanctuary
that will provide an open and beautiful location for the church to gather for assemblies and
regular worship.

Phase II was to complete the third floor with dormitory rooms and a pastors apartment. The dormitory
and guest rooms as well as a kitchen is now completed on the third floor and our priority now is to
complete the Pastor’s Apartment and complete the upper terrace in order to secure the building. This
will require $20,000 USD and two teams. 

Phase III will be to complete the upper open sanctuary which will require $30,000 USD and three teams
to finish this important urban center.

For more information please contact Jeremy Height in the Africa West Field office
at: or Tim Eby at the Africa Regional Office
at or Rev. Daniel Gomis at: