Nigeria Southeast District – Port Harcourt [OLD]

Nigeria Southeast District – Port Harcourt


Center Location:
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

The local leaders have done a fantastic job of raising their own facility. This building has more
than $20,000 USD of their own investment in the building. They have raised a facility able to
seat 1,000 people and are now asking for help on the roof. 

This facility is now completed with a roof and the main building is fully functional. This church
will become the zonal center for the developing district in Port Harcourt and is key to the
development of the church in this region.

On the back of the property there is space to build a two story educational facility that will be
used for the development of a regular community school and for the training of pastors.
Approximately $30,000 will complete the building of this second facility and will become the
priority as the district develops more pastors for the multiplying churches in this part of Nigeria.

For more information please contact Jeremy Height in the Africa West Field office
at: or Tim Eby at the Africa Regional Office
at or Rev. Eshiet Okokon at: