Nigeria Lagos District Center [OLD]

Nigeria Lagos District Center


Center Location:
Lagos , Nigeria

God blessed our church with a large property on the northern edge of Lagos. This property
has a small house on the property which was developed into a guest house and classroom
for our current pastoral program.  A simple metal construction worship center was built in
January 2008 and further development in laying the foundation of the main building and
completion of the school buildings on the property has developed over the last 5 years.

The Worship center still needs work as the walls have never been completed with windows,
doors, finishing and painting. The original roof has suffered severe corrosion and really
needs replaced. A team with $10,000 would help complete the essentials of the building
and another team of $10,000 would help replace the roof.

The main district building will be a two story structure that will provide additional dormitory
space, class rooms, conference center, and library for the educational development of the
district. This conference center will be used for district functions and could also be rented
for weddings and other functions in the community that would bring income to the district.
Construction will require approximately $60,000 USD with six Work and Witness teams each
bringing $10,000 to help complete this important facility. 

For more information please contact Jeremy Height in the Africa West Field office
at: or Tim Eby at the Africa Regional Office
at or Rev. Friday Udofia at: