Deputation Schedule 2019 [OLD]

**Dates and Locations are subject to change**


Date Range:                Location:                    Church:            Event:


Sep 9                           Nashville, TN                                       Coming Home to the USA

Sep 13-14                   Portland, OR                                        NW W&W Convention

Sep 15                                                                                      NW Services


Sep 18-25                   Bloomington, IL                                  NW Illinois District Tour


Sep 27-28                   Columbus, OH                                      East Central W&W Conv


Sep 29- Oct 6              Cincinnati, OH                                     SW Ohio District Tour


Sep 29 – Oct 1            Indianapolis, IN                                   Urban Ministry Convention


Oct 7-12                      Open


Oct 13-14                   Blue Springs, MO                                 Faith Promise Weekend


Oct 15-20                   Columbus, OH                                      Eastern Ohio District Tour


Oct 18-19                   Louisville, KY                                       Kentucky District NMI Day


Oct 21-23                   Nashville, TN                                       Family Time


Oct 25- Nov 3             Montgomery, AL                                 Alabama South Dist Tour


Nov 6 – 17                  Atlanta, GA                                           Georgia District Tour


Nov 21-26                  Madison, WI                                        Wisconsin District Tour


Nov 27 – Dec 1           Valparaiso, IN                                      Family Time


Dec 7-8                       Deland, FL                                           Winter Retreat


Dec 8 PM                    Venice, FL                                            Venice Nazarene Church


Dec 18-26                   Orlando, FL/Pigeon Forge                 Family Vacation


Dec 27 – Jan 5            Nashville, TN                                       Family Time


Jan 6, 2020                 Johannesburg, RSA                             Return to South Africa