Bennin District Centers [OLD]

Benin District Centers




District Center Location:
Cotonou, Benin Coastal District, Tanguieta, Benin Pendjari District
Parakou, Benin Okpara District

Our centers in Benin continue to develop. The main district center to be completed
in Cotonou on the coast, is on hold as we wait for further growth of the district.

The Tanguieta district center has a completed classroom with dormitories attached.
The need is an assembly hall and further offices for the development of the district
and education needs. Additional $30,000 from 3 teams will help us finish this
critical phase of development.

The Parakou district center has the classroom, dormitory and office building and
needs some finishing like tiles, connection of water and electricity. An additional
assembly hall is needed on the property which will require an additional $30,000
from 3 teams to complete the new building.

Work and Witness teams will have the option to work along side our national
leaders and contractors in order to make this dream a reality. Benin has the fastest
growing number of churches. The need to establish good facilities capable of
providing a place for the education of pastors, facilities for district events like
revivals and assemblies, and offices for the developing needs for the district is

For more information please contact Jeremy Height in the Africa West Field office
at: or Tim Eby at the Africa Regional Office
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