Agoutedo, Benin [OLD]

“My name is Abadé Ayifa. I’ve been so burdened for seventeen years because when I was 25, I paid a heavy price. This moral debt is very heavy because I had been apart of an assassination, yes of a physical elimination of an old man that everyone suspected of witchcraft in our village Agoutèdo. Old Sowogo was suspected of being the wizarding leader who possessed very harmful powers. These nephews accused him at the time, whenever there was a death in the family and the tension became unbearable when it comes to the death of a young family.

All possible conspiracies for his physical elimination were in vain because Sowogo never drank or ate in public or in a cabaret, in a bar or even less in a restaurant. He never went out alone and never far from his house and at night he locked himself up very quickly in his house because he was aware of the suspicions and threats hanging over him. As for me, I was very close to the old man, his enemies then approached me to propose to help them to eliminate him. Their argument was that the old man will soon exterminate the whole big family and will end up doing the same thing in the village. It is important to know Sowogo is a priest of the God Hebiosso and initiated me in this area to replace him and play his role after his death. So I was his man of confidence.

So I accepted the job for the sum of eighty thousand francs ($160 USD) and one evening around six o’clock, when the old Sowogo was happy and distracted, I proposed to offer him a liquor which is manufactured in a plastic bag and which is supposed to be non-poisonous. The trick is that I had prepared in advance another sachet of the same liquor in which I had carefully introduced with a syringe the bile of caiman (very harmful liquid) and then carefully pick up to avoid its outflow of his enclosure.

So I brought the old man to the shop with two of my accomplice friends. So I bought three sachets and gave the old man the poisoned bag and shared the three that I had just bought between my friends and me. All this had gone so well that the old man had not suspected anything irregular. The result is that after drinking the beverage, the old man died within thirty minutes of the operation.

This is the heavy tribute that weighed on me but today I believe that Jesus comforted me because I was looking for some years since those years to relieve my sorrows and now Jesus has taken them away.   If Jesus could put back the ear of the soldier who came to apprehend him, He can also forgive me and make me a new person.

 Jesus is now my life!